Aeroo Shield AS03

699,00 lei + VAT

Aeroo Shield AS03

699,00 lei + VAT

AEROO SHIELD 3 - AS03 is a self-contained, automatic, thermal actuated aerosol fire extinguishing generator specially designed and developed by our company for small spaces.

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  • Instant activation
  • Installation in 5 seconds
  • Leaves no extinguishing residue
  • Unpressurised product
  • Maintenance free
  • No wiring, no batteries


AEROO SHIELD 3 - AS03 is a self-contained, automatic, thermally actuated fire extinguishing aerosol generator that is compact in size and light in weight, making it easy to install and extinguish fires in small spaces. It can be glued to any surface, thanks to a high-strength adhesive strip with which it comes equipped. It is easy to install. It is activated by a linear ignition wick, which starts when it encounters an open flame. The extinguishing agent will quickly flood the protected space to suppress the fire.The effective protective space of the AEROO SHIELD 3 - AS03 is 0.3 m3.
The product is suitable for small, fire-prone spaces such as electrical panels, control panels, meter boxes, electrical distribution panels (cabinets).

Product data:

  • Product name: AEROO SHIELD 3 - AS03
  • Item number: AS03
  • Discharge time: ≤5 seconds
  • Agent mass: 12 gr
  • Extinguishing capacity: 0.3 mc
  • Working temperature: -30~70 ºC
  • Initiation: flame contact
  • Lifetime: 5 years
  • Size:
    • Base diameter: 87 mm
    • Diameter at top: 54 mm
    • Height: 20 mm

The volume of protection of a single unit is 0.3mc, the product shall be placed at the top of the protected space, above the point of initiation of a possible fire, with the activation points pointing downwards or on the wall of the protected space with the activation points pointing towards the equipment in the protected space. For spaces larger than 0.3mc the technical specifications for installation in such spaces should be consulted.

The aerosol generator for firefighting must be in a closed state before spraying to ensure reliable performance. Ensure that there is no obstruction 100 mm directly in front of the activation nozzles of the device and it is not suitable for installation in the air discharge position below the protective space. In case of activation, the device will start automatically and can only be touched after it has cooled down.
After activation, ventilate the space by opening the window or door. If not activated before the expiry date, remove and return the device to the supplier.

The product should be stored in a cool dry place with good ventilation and exposure to sunlight should be avoided.

  • It is strictly forbidden to store this product near a heat source
  • It is forbidden to apply pressure to the product
  • It is forbidden to use it after the expiry date